There are various games for kids to enjoy while staying at home. Some of them include, adventure games, sports games, puzzles, coloring pages, doll or pet games and so many more. The popular children’s channel on the TV can also provide you with a host of entertaining games for kids. The online sites for kids provide a huge collection of such games. Some of these games for kids are free while others require you to pay a nominal amount as fees.

Games like the classic Nick Jr. game is one of the most popular online games for kids. It is an arcade style video game where the player has to save his friend named Nick who has been kidnapped by the villainous villain Dr. Darkknight. The game comes with various levels which have been categorized into different categories. The most difficult level is Executive Level and below that there are several other levels.

To access this free Nick game, you will need to create a free account on Big Fish games site. Once your account is created, you are free to choose and create your own profile which contains your photograph and a personal message. You can also add your friends to your network. However, before doing so, you should add the Nick Jr. custom link so that your friends can easily locate you later.

Social Distancing is another popular online game for kids. In Social Distancing, the player has to move the mouse cursor to a square in the middle of a picture and then click on any square in the picture to make the character blink. If the character blinks, the circle beneath the character gets filled with a different color. For every color, you will be asked to give a number, ranging from one to ten. However, you do not have to worry about the score, since the winner is the square that is filled with a specific color.

The two private games discussed above are variations of Social Distancing. But there is another interesting online game for kids called Color Switch. In this free game, the child will have to use a special color that will change its appearance based on whether you have chosen orange, red, yellow, or green. In the end, the child will have to choose the color he/she wants to keep. To make things easier, you can even make a customized color link so that other kids can join your child’s custom link in order to have fun. Visit for more information.

There are several other online games for kids, which you can find on the Big Fish Games website. To help you discover more of these fun games, you can visit our website. Our website also contains all kinds of information related to Big Fish Games and its publishers. Our website also contains the latest news regarding this popular virtual world. In addition, if you are a parent, you might want to read our Big Fish Kids’ blog, which provides more information on keeping kids happy and content.

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