The most common reason people have to do std test kit for nutrition is because they want to make sure that their diets and exercise regimen are getting a good balance of nutrients. Others do it because they need to know whether or not there are nutritional imbalances in their health care system or their family history. Yet others do it just as a part of their pre-pregnancy preparations, so they can monitor their thyroid levels, cholesterol and blood pressure and weight gain. And others still may do it to make sure their pet ferret gets a proper nutritional diet. However, studies have shown that even if you are certain that a particular nutrient imbalance is real, that doesn’t mean that you have to completely avoid that nutrient.

The problem with lab tests for nutrition is that they can’t be trusted very well. For one thing, the lab tests have been known to misdiagnose imbalanced nutrients as nutritional deficiencies when in reality, they are not. For another thing, even if a nutrient is truly considered a deficiency, this doesn’t mean that the pet is going to get sick if he eats the wrong kind of food or exercises too much. Instead, most of the time, these tests for nutritional balance actually cause pet ailments such as obesity, respiratory disease, cataracts and cancer.

What’s the reason for this? Because home tests for nutrition don’t deal with a person’s body chemistry very well at all. These tests measure how much of a certain nutrient a person has in his body. However, the levels can be extremely depleted in other areas, making these tests totally useless when it comes to determining whether or not a pet is deficient in a particular nutrient. Not only does this leave many owners with nutritional deficiencies in their pets, but it means that their pets can develop serious illnesses such as renal failure, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, asthma and cancer.

What’s the solution? Instead of wasting time and money on worthless tests, you need to get your pet to the vet to have him checked thoroughly before you think about using any type of supplement. If a vet confirms that a nutrient deficiency has been present for an extended period of time, he can prescribe specific nutrients that will help your pet get back on track by replenishing the nutrient stores in his body.

How do you know which nutrients are important and which aren’t? The easiest way to find out if a supplement is balanced enough is to see if it is containing all of the important nutrients your pet needs. There are several balanced supplements on the market, but be careful. Some manufacturers try to sell their supplements as being balanced when they really aren’t. You can usually spot the imbalance in these types of supplements by looking at the ingredients list and seeing if it doesn’t contain the key minerals and vitamins that your pet needs.

Home tests for nutrition can also be misleading. It’s very easy to administer an unbalanced supplement. You don’t necessarily have to measure the nutrient levels, but instead only rely on your intuition or common sense when making a decision. If a product looks like it might be balanced, you’ll probably feel better about using it. On the other hand, if a product has a number of ingredients and compounds that look suspect, you’ll probably wonder why you should even bother with it. Always err on the side of caution and get your dog or cat the proper nutrition based on scientific information rather than on feelings or whims.

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